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Discover our bananas

Cultivated in beautiful Ecuador, under the best possible conditions our fruit makes for a perfect snack and natural energy booster. We are happy to supply it to customers around the World.


We export both our brands like Freskita®, Don Leone® or Tango® as well as customers’ private labels. We can even help you develop your own brand!


Highest quality logistics service makes us a powerful business partner which our customers can trust and be sure that their cargo will be delivered.

At Freskbana we have been working directly with all major shipping lines since the very beginning of our activity.

Our extensive experience and impeccable reputation in the shipping world has allowed us to open the door to all shipping lines and in all available directions. Today we are considered a strategic and reliable ally who always keeps his word.

Our highly qualified and experienced shipping team achieves the best possible results without unpleasant surprises or disappointments.

Where do we stand out?

  • High availability of containers
  • Global destination network
  • Competitive pricing
  • Rapid reaction time
  • Low failure rate

Machala – Antwerp - Antwerp – Aqaba

- Hamburg - Durres - Civitavecchia – Dalian

Algiers – Civitavecchia – Aqaba – Antwerp

Dalian – Durres – Hamburg – Helsinki – Jebel Ali – Jeddah – Khoms

Klaipeda – Mersin – Oslo – Ploce – Poti – Rotterdam – Thessaloniki

- Tripoli – Tunis – Algiers – El Triunfo

Helsinki – Jebel Ali – Jeddah – Khoms

Thessaloniki - Klaipeda – Mersin – Ploce - Oslo – Poti – Rotterdam

- Algiers – El Triunfo - Tripoli – Tunis

Machala – Antwerp – Klaipeda – Aqaba

- Civitavecchia – Dalian – Durres – Hamburg

Mersin – Jeddah – Khoms - Helsinki – Jebel Ali

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