We are an Ecuadorian banana company. Our focus is delivering fresh, highest-quality fruit to customers worldwide

Located at the heart of banana world, with production zones in Guayas and Los Ríos provinces and main office near the Guayaquil port we are well equipped to provide international markets with premium quality bananas

We like to keep
things simple


Our fruit

Cultivated in beautiful Ecuador, under the best possible conditions our fruit makes for a perfect snack and natural energy booster. We are happy to supply it to customers around the World.

More than Premium Bananas

Freskbana offers more than Premium Bananas. We supply a full range of banana products, including organic fruit, baby bananas and red bananas. Together with our clients we develop special products and custom packaging, like Jumbo, Heavy Pack or smaller fruit for kids.


Highest quality of produce is at the core of our focus. Our Field Team makes sure that our fruit is grown responsibly and in compliance with all international quality standards. Our fully-traceable bananas are Global GAP-certified. Plantations located near the Guayaquil port support swift logistics and guarantee that the fruit is always fresh-delivered to our customers.

Our brands

We offer both our brands like Freskita® or Don Leone® as well as customers’ private labels
For more information please contact us at info@freskbana.com or call +593 994047725


Food safety and business ethics are of utmost importance to us

Our Field Team makes sure that our fruit is grown responsibly and in compliance with all international quality standards. All our bananas are Global GAP-certified and are fully traceable all the way back to the field. We are constantly working on introducing more certifications and ways to grow the fruit more responsibly.

All our employees are treated with respect and in accordance to the Ecuadorian labor laws. We insist on our contractors as well as our independent growers to do the same.

We are always looking for ways to streamline our operations and make them more efficient for the footprint we leave on the environment to be smaller. One of the things we do is we optimize our logistics in effort to limit the routs that our trucks make transporting the fruit and materials.

Our mission is to supply selected customers with products and services of the highest quality, while acting responsibly


Our three areas of focus are people, fruit and the environment.

Why people?

Because people make all the difference. It all starts with the people. The workers at the plantations, the farmers, the technicians, the commercial representatives, the logistics specialists. They are the ones who cultivate, harvest, trade and ship the best possible fruit. That is why people are the priority at Freskita. All the people. We strive to hire the best and then to care for them. Help them grow so they in turn can make us better.

We also strive to find the best possible customers for our products. People who are focused on long term relationships. People who seek to grow those relationships. Who are responsible and appreciate a good partner. These are the people we try to find.

Why fruit?

Well this is obvious. Fruit is the base. The foundation of everything. Its absolute highest quality is our focus. Everyday we strive to make it even better, because only this way we continue to grow and create value for our customers and our company.

Why the environment?

Environment is our future. It must be strong and healthy. We need it to keep feeding us. For us here and now and for the future generations. That is why we at Freskita always look for ways to make our footprint on the environment smaller. To cultivate more responsibly and to ship more efficiently.


Freskbana S.A.
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Guayaquil, Ecuador
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